Right to Know


  • A Citizen’s Guide to Pennsylvania Right-To-Know Law (RTKL) can be obtained here: Citizen’s Guide
  • The PA RTKL (Act 3 of 2008) was adopted to offer greater access to “Public Records” for the general public and corporate entities.
  • Typically, a person may request access to review or obtain a copy of a record by filing a written form to the agency.  Refer to request form – Click here to be directed to the form.
  • EAWA has 5 business days to respond, or ask for a 30 day time extension if a timely response cannot be provided due to bona fide staffing limitation, legal review, or other specified reason.
  • EAWA may respond to anonymous verbal or written requests.  However, if the requester wishes to pursue relief and remedies provided by the Act, the request must be in writing, and should include as much specific detail as possible so EAWA can identify the information desired.
  • EAWA may deny a request if the information:
    – is not a “Public Record”;
    – protected by privilege;
    – deemed a disruptive or repeated request (s.506);
    – lacks “sufficient specificity” or detail to locate the record (s.703);
    – included in the list of 30 lawful Exceptions (s.708).
  • EAWA shall impose fees pursuant to the Act to fulfill a request.  If the fees to fulfill the request are expected to exceed $100, requester shall prepay an estimate of the fees prior to granting request for access / copies.
  • Photocopies are $0.25 / single sided page.  Charges for diskettes, or other media are based on applicable unit charges.

EAWA’s RTKL Open Record Officer is the Authority Manager, Del Becker. PE